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Bruce Hollister / brown sketchbook V2

September 20, 2014

Something new…

Fire Starter

Fire Starter

Fire Starter

pen and ink
from my Brown (02)  sketchbook


Bruce Hollister / brown sketchbook

July 2, 2013

…this mortal part of mine…

from a poem by Robert Herrick




I DREAM’D this mortal part of mine
Was Metamorphoz’d to a Vine;
Which crawling one and every way,
Enthrall’d my dainty Lucia.
Me thought, her long small legs & thighs
I with my Tendrils did surprize;
Her Belly, Buttocks, and her Waste
By my soft Nerv’lits were embrac’d:
About her head I writhing hung,
And with rich clusters (hid among
The leaves) her temples I behung:
So that my Lucia seem’d to me
Young Bacchus ravished by his tree.
My curles about her neck did craule,
And armes and hands they did enthrall:
So that she could not freely stir,
(All parts there made one prisoner.)
But when I crept with leaves to hide
Those parts, which maids keep unespy’d,
Such fleeting pleasures there I took,
That with the fancie I awook;
And found (Ah me!) this flesh of mine
More like a Stock then like a Vine.

pen and ink
from my Brown sketchbook


Bruce Hollister / brown sketchbook

June 10, 2013
Waltzing Matilda

Waltzing Matilda

…and the band played Waltzing Matilda

pen and ink
from my Brown sketchbook

.. don’t ask me about the rabbit… it just sort of … appeared…



Bruce Hollister / brown sketchbook

July 30, 2012

been a while…


Pen and ink – on sketchbook paper


Bruce Hollister / Paintings on Paper

December 27, 2011

I love painting skeletons

Red Clavicle

14 x 20
Ink, collage, watercolor, and gouache on paper

Bruce Hollister / brown sketchbook

September 25, 2011

The Middle

these pages are half way through my brown sketchbook.





Bruce Hollister / loose leaf sketch

September 17, 2011

…I could a tale unfold whose lightest word
Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood,
Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres…

Hamlet, Act I, Scene 5

...I could a tale unfold...

Bruce Hollister / brown sketchbook

August 31, 2011


Right in the brainpan

Bruce Hollister / brown sketchbook

August 18, 2011

chicken butt

Bruce Hollister / brown sketchbook

August 15, 2011

this one is from Kuniyoshi (kind of…)

Princess Takiyasha summons a skeleton